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Photo by @johnstanmeyer

Offerings of rice, incense, a sacred ritual to make peace with nature and the spirits which residing around the Sindang Gile waterfall located on the slopes of Mount Rinjani on the Indonesian island of Lombok.
To see more of my work with @natgeo, personal projects and details on upcoming photo workshops, follow me here on Instagram at @johnstanmeyer.
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Photograph by Michael Yamashita @yamashitaphoto - at last night's Tokyo Grand Sumo Tournament- the agony of defeat. #sumo #sumowrestling #tokyo #japan @natgeocreative
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Photo by @FransLanting The elegant sifaka, a mild-mannered leaf-eater who inhabits arid forests in southern Madagascar, has spindly limbs evolved for an arboreal existence. But it has trouble sitting upright without back support. Against the intense heat of a summer day, these two sifakas have found the best remedy is to laze away the hot hours wedged in the forks of a huge tamarind tree. Follow me @FransLanting for more images from Madagascar.

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Photo by @Stephenwilkes. One of my latest Day to Night images was photographed at  Ram Navami, Ardh Kumbh Mela Festival, in Haridwar  India.  Color, light and water are recurring themes in my Day to Night series, and for this reason I was drawn to this inspiring Indian pilgrimage location. I was intrigued by the historical and iconic importance of what is perhaps the largest religious gathering in any religion around the world. What was amazing was to witness the people who are drawn to the river, which in Hindu mythology, are the carriers of life and fertility. To see more images like this, including my latest exhibition, visit @stephenwilkes to see more. 
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Photo @ladzinski / A colorful sunset lighting up the sky over a jaggedly carved iceberg in #PleneauIsland on the #AntarcticaPenninsula. Over the last two decades, the Antarctica Peninsula region has warmed significantly, directly contributing to substantial ice loss and threatening the abundance of animals that live here. Photographed #onassignment for @natgeo / @sea_legacy @paulnicklen @cristinamittermeier @andy_mann @craigwelch @ianvaso @shanemoorefilms @pattersonimages
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Photo by @petekmuller. Two elephants graze on the savanna in Kenya's Masai Mara National Park. After nearly a decade of living and working on the African continent, I am still amazed to watch these large creatures in the wild. And while we have ascribed a near-majestic status to elephants, it is important to remember they are but one component of a vast and interdependent ecosystem. Follow @petekmuller  as I chronicle conservation efforts in the Mara.  #Elephants #africa #kenya #masaimara #maasaimaranationalreserve #conservation #wildlife #nature #animals
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Video by @joelsartore | Bald eagles aren’t born with that 'bald' look. When they’re young, these birds have a fully brown plumage and don’t develop the white feathers on their heads for another four or five years. During courtship, bald eagles display an incredible aerial dance wherein they grasp each other by the talons and spin in mid-air. After this strange display, those who mate will stay together for their entire lives, which can last up to 38 years! The two eagles will work together to build their record-breaking, 4.5 foot wide nests, and even take turns incubating their eggs.
Bald eagles are a true conservation success story. They were once abundant in the United States, but when European settlers arrived, their numbers dropped drastically. In 1940 Congress passed an act to protect them, and though the act was helpful in protecting eagles, their populations didn’t really start to grow again until the early 1970s when a deadly insecticide called DDT was finally banned. In 2007, bald eagles were removed from the endangered species list and there are now about 9,700 nesting pairs in the lower 48 states.
This bald eagle was photographed at Raptor Recovery at @fontenelleforest where injured and orphaned birds of prey are rehabilitated in Nebraska.
To see a portrait of a bald eagle, check out @joelsartore.
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Photo by @edkashi @climateweeknyc continues until September 24th. In this photo, a young woman walks through a dump near Bonsaaso, #Ghana on October 4, 2015. Countries in the midst of development often don’t have the infrastructure to deal with the garbage they produce. As a result, much of it is burned, releasing smoke and other kinds of pollution into the atmosphere. 
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Photo by @jenniferhayesig A manta ray soars over a rising snorkeler in the strong currents that bathe Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Large groups of mantas gather to feed in the nutrient rich waters that roar through the Dampier Strait. Raja Ampat is an ocean wilderness in the beating heart of the coral triangle, a region known for its extreme marine biodiversity. // Photographed for @natgeo story Raja Ampat: Ultra Marine available through @natgeocreative //
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Photo @pedromcbride // Dappled light at the bottom of the world - Aerial image of the Ross Sea, Antarctica. To see more remote realms follow @pedromcbride. #frozen #bw #petemcbride #aerial #antarctica
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Photo by @renan_ozturk // words by @jetbutterflies // Children in the remote Nepali village of Saadi make the most of a monsoon cloudburst. ~

Where do you look to for examples of how to live your life? ~

We live in a gilded age. We barter in miracles and medicine. We fly. We photograph distant planets and galaxies. We are more connected than ever before, than many of us ever imagined possible. ~

Yet we still seek and we search. We face self-doubt. We run inside when it rains. ~

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Video by @CristinaMittermeier // At the crack of dawn, one day in late September, the long-drawn ban on Galicia’s famed cockles is lifted and fifteen hundred men and women, on foot and on boats, rush to the cockle beds of the Ria de Noia to get their share.  The women go by foot and they drag their clam rakes across the sandy bottom. Buried in the sand and growing in the shallow waters of the estuary, the cockles have been protected by a ban that shelters them for several months in which no harvest is allowed and the small bivalves are allowed to reproduce and grow.  Once the ban is lifted, the men and women of this small medieval-old village will converge every morning in the shallow waters for 3 hours a day, every day for 3-4 months to make a living from this delicious bivalve.  This is an age old practice that has ensured the sustainable harvest of this small clam, but few places execute it more perfectly than Noia, where the community works together; the participation of women is valued; and the cockles are healthy, big, delicious and very, very valuable. 
Al abrir la veda de berberecho, cientos de mujeres van a pie a cosecharlo, mientras que los hombres van en barco. Bien gestionado, como se hace en Noia, este riquísimo recurso no sólo es sostenible, es una importante fuente de ingresos en esta región de la bellísima Galicia. 
To see images of my explorations in sustainable fishing and aquaculture in some of Europe’s oldest fishing cultures, #follow my #instagram feed at @CristinaMittermeier

#TurningtheTide with @SeaLegacy and @erichroepke 
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